Change the Default User Agent

The final section under the Settings tab is User Agent Spoofing. This tells FireEyes to analyze the site as if it were being viewed in a particular user agent such as a browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc) or mobile device.

One possible reason to use this feature would be to test accessibility of the mobile version of a site. Another reason to change the setting would be to test the accessibility of different versions of the page if they use scripting (JavaScript or server-side scripting) to detect browser brand and version and serve different content to IE vs Safari, etc.

The default user agent setting is browser default (Firefox). Other predefined choices in the drop down menu are: iPhone and iPad. You can also select custom user agent string and enter the string in the Custom UA string box below to define a custom user agent. Custom agent strings are defined in WorldSpace.

User agent menu on the FireEyes Settings tab