Upload a Script to WorldSpace

Standalone FireEyes Version: It is important to note that this page refers to the version of FireEyes that is meant to work with the WorldSpace Comply product. For quick-start information about the stand-alone version of FireEyes, see FireEyes Stand-Alone Version Quickstart Guide.

Recorded scripts and issues discovered by running the scripts can be shared with other testers by uploading them to a WorldSpace Project. You can also use scripts that were created by others by downloading them from a WorldSpace Project.

IMPORTANT: Use case scripts and issues will be uploaded to the WorldSpace Project that was selected before the FireEyes script was recorded.

To upload a recorded script and / or issues to the WorldSpace server:

  1. Select the Upload button in the FireEyes toolbar. A dialog will appear that asks you to:
    • Choose what to upload: Choose from: "Issues and script", "Issues only" and "Script only".
    • Assign a label to issues: Enter a descriptive label for the issues that can be referred to later in reports. The default label is the date the issue was created.
    • Choose a name for this script: Enter a descriptive name so the script can be found and reuse as desired. The default value is "Script [today's date]".
    • Update... or Save as a new...: If the script name chosen is the same as a script already on the WorldSpace server, you will be prompted to choose whether to create a new script or update an existing script.
    • After upload: Choose from: "Do nothing" or "Clear issues and script in FireEyes". As the name implies, "Do nothing" will retain all recorded events, issues, and script details while "Clear issues and script in FireEyes" will remove these items from FireEyes.
  2. Select the Upload button to upload the issues and / or the script to the Project in WorldSpace.
FireEyes script Upload button

FireEyes Upload to WorldSpace dialog