The Script Tab

The FireEyes Script tab comprises two sections: the toolbar and the events table.

FireEyes Script tab

The Script Toolbar

The Script tab toolbar provides the tools to record and replay scripts and analyze a website using a script. The toolbar elements are described below.


  • Load: Download issues from WorldSpace to view in FireEyes. This feature will work only if the page has already been scanned in WorldSpace. Otherwise there will be no issues to load.
  • Clear: Choose what you would like to clear, or delete, from the current FireEyes analysis data: Everything, Scripts, Automatic Issues or All Issues.
FireEyes Script tab Issue controls


  • Record: When the Record checkbox is checked, every event performed on the test site will be recorded, subject to the Project's Event Tracking options.
  • Freeze / Thaw: The Freeze button will pause the recording or replay process temporarily. "Freezing" will stop all user events from firing in the browser and will stop the application from making updates based on those events. Selecting the Freeze button will toggle it to Thaw. Select the Thaw button to allow the application to once again receive user event notifications. Learn more: The Freeze / Thaw button is particularly useful in conjunction with script replay. For example, when a script gets a document into a state that can easily be interrupted by user inputs, but you would like to inspect the state of the DOM, CSS and or JavaScript. An example of this is a mouseover menu. When the menu is activated, moving the mouse over other portions of the page may result in the menu disappearing. By pausing the script at that spot and freezing the browser window with the Freeze button, you can then inspect the HTML using Firebug's HTML inspection functionality.
  • Delete Selected: Delete the event selected via the checkbox to the left of the event name.
FireEyes Script tab Event controls


  • Analyze: Select this checkbox to perform an analysis while replaying the the script.
  • Speed: The Speed dropdown menu allows you to adjust the script playback speed. Slowing down the replay can be useful in cases where you want to closely follow along as the script replays.
  • Timeout: The maximum number of seconds the script should wait for a response from the site after each event. The script will time out after the amount of time allowed by the Timeout box.
  • Play (blue triangular arrow): Starts the script replay.
  • Stop (blue square): Stops script replay.
  • Step (blue downward arrow over a blue circle): Increments the script replay by one step.
FireEyes Script tab Replay controls

The Script Event Table

The Script event table provides information about each of the events recorded in a script and buttons for performing actions on each step of the script.

Event Informtion

  • Event: Type of event recorded, such as the click event.
  • URL: The page on which the event took place.
  • Frame URL: The URL of the specific frame, if the event happened in a frame or i-frame.
  • Target: The Xpath for the element that was acted upon.
  • Details: The coordinates of the element on the page.
  • Timing: How long each individual action lasted.
Script event information

Action Buttons

  • Play this event
  • Replay up to this event
  • Edit the event details including the URL, Frame URL, Target, Details, and Timing
  • Delete the event
  • Add an event

Learn more about editing a use case script.

Script event information