Download a Script from WorldSpace

Standalone FireEyes Version: It is important to note that this page refers to the version of FireEyes that is meant to work with the WorldSpace Comply product. For quick-start information about the stand-alone version of FireEyes, see FireEyes Stand-Alone Version Quickstart Guide.

Recorded scripts and issues discovered by running the scripts can be shared with other testers by uploading them to a WorldSpace Project. Any Project Member can then download the script to FireEyes on their computer and use it to analyze pages, perform regression tests or modify a script and re-upload it to WorldSpace.

To download a script from a WorldSpace Project to FireEyes:

  1. Select the Download button in the FireEyes toolbar. A dialog will appear that asks you to:
    • Choose a Project: Choose the Project for which the script was created.
    • Choose what to download: Choose "Scripts".
    • In mode: Choose from "production", "QA" or "sandbox".
    • Choose the script to download: Select the script from the dropdown menu.
    • Also download associated issues? Check this box if you also want to download the associated issues stored in WorldSpace.
  2. Select the Download button to download the script to FireEyes.

The downloaded script will appear in the Script tab; and issues, if downloaded, will appear in the Report tab.

If you later re-upload the script to WorldSpace, a dialog will ask if you want to override the existing script or save it under a different name.

FireEyes script Download button

FireEyes Dowload from WorldSpace dialog