Analyze Using a Script

When a script has been recorded, FireEyes can perform an analysis of the pages and events that occur as the script is replayed.

  1. Go to the FireEyes Script tab.
  2. Ensure that the desired script appears below the FireEyes toolbar or download a script from WorldSpace.
  3. Ensure that your browser is showing the initial page of the script and its initial state (i.e. log out of the system, empty the shopping cart, etc.).
  4. Select the Analyze checkbox to perform an analysis of the pages and events while running the script.
  5. Select the Play arrow to begin the script and confirm that you want the script to play.
  6. When the script has finished running, close the Analysis results dialog box.
  7. The issues and DOM change events discovered during the scripted analysis will appear in the Report tab.
Replay and analyze a script


  1. You can use the Step button (blue arrow pointing at a blue circle) to step through the script one event at a time instead of playing the script through automatically.
  2. At any time during the script replay, use the Freeze button to pause the script and freeze the browser window. This can be helpful in order to inspect the HTML or the state of the DOM, CSS and or Javascript at a particular point using Firebug's HTML inspection functionality.
  3. The following settings on the Script tab can be modified for replay and analysis:
    • Speed: The speed drop down provides options for Normal, Slow and Slowest to adjust the replay speed. Slowing down the replay can be useful in cases where you want to closely follow along as the script replays.
    • Timeout: Select a maximum number of seconds the script should wait for a response from the site after each event. If for some reason the system or the script gets tied up, the script will time out after the amount of time allowed by the Timeout box.
RThe Step, Freeze, Speeed and Timeout controls on the Script tab toolbar