Analyze Using a Scope Definition

With all relevant scope definitions created, they can now be used during testing. To apply a scope definition during a FireEyes analysis:

  1. Select the Current Document tab.
  2. Select the Scope button.
  3. In the Analysis scope modal dialog, select the radio button Areas of a page matching the following scope.
  4. If you want to analyze only one or more scoped parts of the page, select the relevant scope definition(s). To analyze only document level elements (in other words, parts of the page that are NOT included in a scope definition), select the Document Level checkbox. You can select combinations of Scope definitions and / or Categories.
  5. Close the Analysis scope dialog.
  6. Perform a static, dynamic or special analysis to analyze a page or pages just within the selected scope(s).

Scope definition button on the Current Document tab

Analysis scope definition selection dialog