Run a Basic Analysis "Now"

To perform a static analysis of a webpage or webpages "on-demand":

  1. Ensure that you are on the Current Document tab.
  2. Navigate to a page you want to analyze.
  3. Ensure that the Automatically checkbox is unchecked. This will cause FireEyes to analyze a page only when you tell it to.
  4. Select the Now button (read as "Analyze now" by screen readers).
  5. When the page analysis is complete, FireEyes will display a modal dialog that reports how many issues were found on this page. Close the dialog. The FireEyes console will display an expandable menu listing each issue found on the page. The total number of issues found is listed next to the URL at the top of the list.
  6. Navigate to each page you would like to analyze and repeat the above steps for each page.
  7. If you have analyzed multiple pages, view the complete list of issues for each page analyzed on the Report tab in an expandable menu format.

Note: See the note at the bottom of this page about dynamic content.

The Automatically checkbox and Now button on the Current Document tab

Dialog showing number of issues found

List of issues on the Current Document tab

List of issues on the Report tab

Dynamic Content

Important: If the web page has dynamic content — especially if any of that content is initially hidden by CSS in the DOM, or if it not yet in the DOM at all until invoked through an AJAX call or a JavaScript include — running the "Now" button will NOT test all of the content. FireEyes can test only the elements currently active in the DOM. To test all of the content, you will need to employ one of these methods:

  • Activate the changes in the web page then re-run the "Now" analysis after each change,
  • Select the "Automatically" checkbox and then activate the dynamic features of the page. Un-check the "Automatically" checkbox after all features have been activated,
  • Record a script of all of the dynamic features on the page, and either run the script in FireEyes with the "Analyze" checkbox checked, or upload the script to WorldSpace and run the script in a WorldSpace scan.