Log in and Select a Project


The stand-alone version of FireEyes will work without being logged into a WorldSpace Comply server, but logging in and connecting to a WorldSpace project is required if you are working in conjunction with a WorldSpace Comply server. Once logged in, you can use FireEyes on any webpage - you are not restricted to analyzing only pages that are within the domain(s) of the WorldSpace Project you have chosen.

Log in to WorldSpace Comply

If you have previously logged in to your WorldSpace Comply account from the same computer, FireEyes will automatically log in to your WorldSpace Comply account when launched. This will synchronize FireEyes with your Projects and settings from your WorldSpace Comply account. If successful, you will see the "Logged in" notice on the FireEyes toolbar.

Logged in notice on the FireEyes toolbar

If FireEyes does not automatically log in to your WorldSpace Comply account you will see the "Not logged in" notice on the FireEyes toolbar.

Not logged in notice on the FireEyes toolbar

To log in to the WorldSpace Comply Server:

  1. Go to the Settings tab.
  2. Enter your WorldSpace Comply Server URL (WorldSpace Comply customers only): enter the Server URL you used to register with WorldSpace or was provided in your invitation email. It may look something like this: http://server.dequecloud.com where "server" is your specific instance of WorldSpace.
  3. Enter the E-mail address and Password information used to create your WorldSpace Comply account.
  4. Select the Update & Login button.

If the desired Project is not listed next to the "Logged in" notice, select the Switch button to find the desired Project.

Switch button on the FireEyes toolbar

Select the appropriate Project from the drop down list that appears in the dialog and select the Switch to project button.

Note: A Project must be designated as a Favorite in WorldSpace Comply in order for it to show up in the list of available Projects in FireEyes.

If the page in your browser matches the domain of your Project, FireEyes will say "(OK)" next to the Project's name. Otherwise it will say "(Unmatched)", which means you either need to go to the right web page, switch to a different Project, or change the domain in the Project settings in WorldSpace Comply.