Upload Issues to WorldSpace

Standalone FireEyes Version: It is important to note that this page refers to the version of FireEyes that is meant to work with the WorldSpace Comply product. For quick-start information about the stand-alone version of FireEyes, see FireEyes Stand-Alone Version Quickstart Guide.

To upload issues to a WorldSpace Project select the Upload button in the FireEyes toolbar.

Uploading issues to WorldSpace is the only way for WorldSpace Public Edition users to populate a Project. It is typically not necessary for WorldSpace Enterprise Edition users to upload issues from FireEyes if the WorldSpace scan is up-to-date unless you want to save an issue you have edited (by adding comments, changing its assignment, changing its status, etc) or a manual issue you added in FireEyes. Uploading issues from FireEyes will not duplicate issues in WorldSpace, since they use the same algorithms, so you don't have to worry about cluttering the reports.

The Upload button in the FireEyes toolbar

In the modal dialog that appears choose:

  1. Choose what to upload: Issues and script, Issues only, or Script only.
  2. Assign a label to issues: This field is used to sort or filter issues in FireEyes and WorldSpace. The default label is the date the issue was created. Enter a different descriptive label, if desired.
  3. After upload... Choose what to do with the issues list in FireEyes: "Do nothing" or "Clear issues and script in FireEyes". As the name implies, "Do nothing" will retain all recorded events, issues, and script details while "Clear issues and script in FireEyes" will remove these items from FireEyes.
  4. Select the Upload button.

The Upload to WorldSpace dialog