Issue Action Buttons

Finally, on the far right-hand side of an issue listing on the Current Document tab there are six buttons that allow you work with and edit an issue:

Issue action buttons

Please Note: Many of the features and capabilities described by the links below apply to issues listed on either the Current Document tab or the Report tab. There are some features that are only available on the Current Document tab - these exceptions are noted as appropriate. If you are viewing an issue on the Report tab and need to switch to the issue listing on the Current Document tab to access an issue feature, follow these steps:

  1. Select the LoadURL button for the issue - the webpage for the issue will be loaded in the web browser view.
  2. Select the Current Document tab.
  3. Find the issue in the issue list.

The Load URL button in the FireEyes Report tab


Select the Details button.

A modal dialog will open that contains a detailed explanation of the issue including the Description, Status, Node location (URL and XPath), Source code for this issue, and Standard(s) associated with the issue, and Remediation advice and examples.

The dialog contains two buttons:

  • The View button highlights the issue where it occurs in the webpage view
  • The Inspect button will open the issue in Firebug's HTML tab

Issue details dialog


Select the Inspect button (Current Document tab only).

The Inspect button opens the HTML tab in Firebug and:

  1. Highlights the node that was found to be in violation and
  2. Highlights the element in the webpage view.

Something useful to note about Firebug's HTML tab: When you hover over a piece of code, the corresponding item is highlighted in the webpage view.

Inspect an issue in the Firebug HTML tab


Select the Highlight button (Current Document tab only).

The element found to be in error will be highlighted in the webpage view.

Highlighting an issue in the webpage view


Select the Edit button.

Editable information includes:

  • Status - Open, Fixed or Ignored
  • Add a comment to the description - such as remediation guidance
  • Assign the issue to a particular member of the project team from the drop down menu

Select the Done button to save the edits.

Editing an issue


Selecting the Delete button deletes the issue from the list.

Warning: This action is not reversible!

Note: If you wish to remove an issue from the issue list (perhaps it is a false positive or you do not intend to address it at all) mark the issue as Ignored (see above) instead of deleting it. If the issue is deleted, when the page is re-analyzed the issue will be added to the issue list again and marked as Open.


After an issue has been fixed and/ or its status marked as Fixed, select the Retest button (found in issues listed on the Current Document tab only) to retest the issue.

FireEyes will perform the analysis again and indicate whether the issue has been fixed or not in a modal dialog.

Retesting an issue dialog