Download Issues from WorldSpace

Standalone FireEyes Version: It is important to note that this page refers to the version of FireEyes that is meant to work with the WorldSpace Comply product. For quick-start information about the stand-alone version of FireEyes, see FireEyes Stand-Alone Version Quickstart Guide.

Issues that have been previously uploaded to WorldSpace from FireEyes and issues that have been discovered by WorldSpace (WorldSpace Enterprise Edition customers only) can be downloaded to FireEyes.

You may want to download issues to inspect or verify issues discovered during a WorldSpace scan. In addition, you might want to see what issues are currently listed in WorldSpace and, perhaps, compare those issues with the current version the page (if it has changed). This kind of comparison would be relevant if the WorldSpace scan hadn't been run in a while, or if changes were made to the page, and you want to determine if the scan in WorldSpace is up to date.

To download issues from a WorldSpace Project:

  1. Select the Download button in the FireEyes toolbar.
  2. Note the warning at the top of the resulting modal dialog: "Warning: loading issues or script from a different project will clear all of your issues and recorded events."
  3. From the dropdown menus that follow choose:
    • Choose a Project: All WorldSpace Projects you have created or have been invited to will be listed. Loading issues or scripts from a different project than the one you are presently working in will clear all of your issues and recorded events.
    • Choose what to download: The first dropdown will contain Issues and / or Scripts depending on what has been previously saved or uploaded in WorldSpace. In the second dropdown, choose project mode you want to download to, for instance QA, production or sandbox.
    • Choose which issues to download: Select the issues to download based on their Label, Severity, Priority, or Status, who they were Assigned to, or what the URL contains or any combination of these.
    • Download: Select the Download button.

The Report tab will be populated with the issues selected. If a script is downloaded, the Script tab will show the script downloaded.

Download button in the FireEyes toolbar

Download issues dialog