Clear All Issues

To clear all of the issues (or scripts) from FireEyes, select the Clear button in either the Current Document tab or Report tab toolbar.

Note: Clearing issues in FireEyes has no effect on the list of issues in WorldSpace, or on the actual issues on the page. If you run the FireEyes evaluation again, all the same issues will appear. You may want to clear issues during a FireEyes session if you have modified the project's settings such as analysis settings, scope definitions, a script, etc. or to unclutter the Current Document or Report list. It is not necessary to clear issues - all issues (and scripts) will be cleared from FireEyes when you exit the plugin. So don't forget to upload issues and scripts that you want to save before clearing them or closing FireEyes.

Clear issues button in the FireEyes toolbars

A modal dialog will ask what to clear: Everything, Scripts, or Issues. Make the desired selection and select the Clear button.

Clear issues dialog