Add Manual Issues

There are times when testers may want to manually add an issue to the issues found by FireEyes analysis. For example, FireEyes can detect that an image does have alt text but it cannot determine the text is, in fact, appropriate. A tester may discover through a SimulAT analysis or code inspection that an image has alt text that is not appropriate to the image (such as two buttons that say 'yes' and 'no' but the alt text for both says 'yes'). FireEyes makes it easy to add a manual issue to the issue list.

To add a manual issue, select the Add button in the FireEyes toolbar (found on the Current Document tab only) to open an input form to create a new issue.

Add a manual issue button on the FireEyes Current Document tab

The steps to add an issue are:

  1. Select a description
  2. Choose the Target Element
  3. Add Comments and Label
  4. Save and Upload the Issue

Select a Description

Select the Describe issue button.

Describe issue button in the manual issue form

In the resulting dialog box, select the desired Standard, Level, Category and Description from the drop down menus. The choices available in each menu are dependent on the previous menu selection(s).

  • Standard: Available selections are: PDF, Quality, Section 508, WCAG 2, or WCAG PDF.
  • Level: Available selections are dependent on the Standard chosen. Choose "N/A" if Level is not applicable to the Standard chosen.
  • Category: Available selections are dependent on the Standard and Level chosen. Choose "N/A" if Category is not applicable to the Standard and Level chosen.
  • Description: Predefined descriptions available are dependent on the Standard, Level and Category chosen. Some have more than one description to choose from.

Select the Done button to save the selections.

Manual issue description dialog

Choose the Target Element

To select which page element the new issue applies to, select the Choose target button.

Choose target button

The button will change to say Now watching. This indicates that FireEyes is waiting for a target selection.

Now watching notice

Using the mouse, select the appropriate element on the webpage view. The Now watching button will change back to Choose target.

Inspect the code snippet under the Choose target button and use the blue arrow buttons ("More general target" and "More specific target") to make the target more specific or more general.

Code snippet and arrow buttons

Add Comments and Label

In the Comments field, add descriptive information, such as remediation suggestions, if desired.

Below the Comments field is a Label field. This field is used to sort or filter issues in FireEyes and WorldSpace. The default label is the date the issue was created. Enter a different descriptive label, if desired.

Comment and Label fields

Save and Upload the Issue

Select the Create button when finished creating the manual issue. When the issue is saved, the issue icons include a "hand", indicating that this is a manually added issue.

To work with or edit the issue use the issue action buttons.

Create button and manual issue icon