Interpret & Manage Issues

FireEyes allows you to investigate, triage and remediate issues easily. FireEyes issue reports on the Current Document and Report tabs provide detailed information on the type of issue found, its relative severity, and where it is found in the code as well as on the page; allow you to edit, assign, filter, add and retest issues; and provide a mechanism to upload issues to and download issues from WorldSpace.

Please Note: Many of the features and capabilities described by the links below apply to issues listed on either the Current Document tab or the Report tab. There are some features that are only available on the Current Document tab - these exceptions are noted as appropriate. If you are viewing an issue on the Report tab and need to switch to the issue listing on the Current Document tab to access an issue feature, follow these steps:

  1. Select the LoadURL button for the issue - the webpage for the issue will be loaded in the web browser view.
  2. Select the Current Document tab.
  3. Find the issue in the issue list.

The Load URL button in the FireEyes Report tab

Working with issues: