Analyze Images with SimulAT

An automated FireEyes analysis can easily identify images that do not have alt text associated with them. An automated FireEyes analysis cannot, however, judge whether alt text is, indeed, appropriate for the image (such as two buttons that say 'yes' and 'no' but the alt text for both says 'yes').

Keeping in mind that screen readers will generally announce an image's file name if the alt text is missing altogether, SimulAT will display a list of images and their alt text (or file name if the alt text is missing) so you can quickly identify inappropriate and missing alt text.

Screen reader users can use the G key to navigate from image to image in JAWS or NVDA. To view a list of images and the alt text that a screen reader would announce, select Images from the Display drop down menu and select the Run button. Click on the word "Graphic" or its alt text to highlight the image in the webpage view.

Run SimulAT images