Analyze Entire Document

The Entire Document option displays a transcript for the entire page, which is an approximation of what the screen reader would say if you let it read everything completely uninterrupted. This is a useful way to get an overall big picture of what a screen reader reads. Most screen reader users will not listen to the entire page though, just as most sighted users will not read an entire web page visually. Screen reader users are likely to use various keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the page, such as the tab key to go from link to link, or they will use keyboard shortcuts to navigate from heading to heading, or to go directly to tables, or to images, or to form elements, or to other features of the page. To simulate this kind of interaction, choose from among the options in the drop-down list.

To reinterpret the whole page as a screen reader would read it, select the Entire Document option and the Run button.

Run SimulAT on the entire page