Analyze ARIA

ARIA analysis detects incorrectly used ARIA such as focus issues, missing or misused ARIA attributes, and content insertions that are not announced correctly to the assistive technology. It does not tell you how or where to use ARIA if it isn't being used; instead, it acts like an "ARIA validator" for existing ARIA code.

ARIA stands for "Accessible Rich Internet Applications." ARIA is a collection of attributes and methods for giving extra information to screen readers about the name, role, state, and properties of web content, especially in the context of dynamic JavaScript widgets and interactions. ARIA is a supplement to HTML markup, and can be added to existing HTML. Browser support for ARIA is generally good in modern screen readers and browsers, though implementation varies between them, and cross-platform ARIA widgets can be tricky to design effectively. In addition to testing ARIA with FireEyes, all ARIA widgets and interactions need to be tested with actual screen readers to ensure that they work as intended, and that they convey all of the important information to screen reader users.

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