PDF Accessibility

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Technical level: Intermediate (HTML knowledge highly recommended)


  • 3.5 hours (online self-paced class, estimate)

Course Synopsis:

An overview of making a PDF file accessible. This course covers the accessibility features and limitations of a PDF file and form format. This course is designed to cover the following basic topics:

  • Introduction to PDF Accessibility
  • Section 508 compliance requirements for a PDF file
  • PDF plug-in – alternatives ways of ensuring an accessible plug-in requirement is met
  • What is a tagged PDF
  • Challenges of an untagged PDF
  • What to do with a scanned PDF
  • Preparing a document for optimal auto tagging results
  • What to do when auto tagging fails
  • Validating the accessibility of a PDF document
  • Mapping Section 508 Requirements to a PDF Accessibility report
  • Usability testing of a PDF document

Recommended Prerequisites:

Pricing for Online Class

Each class is $45 for a full year of access, or lower for group enrollment, or when purchasing multi-course curriculum packages. See the Full Accessibility Curriculum for details.

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